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We love fried chicken so much we started a business selling the stuff. Only serving up food we would be chuffed to buy ourselves.

Not only do we make pretty damn delicious fried chicken, you've got loads to choose from with our incredible dry aged beef smash burger, loaded fries and dreamy veggie seitan burgers. Plus a weekly changing special, smashed cucumbers and plenty of other tasty treats.

We make all our sauces in house for the freshest, flavour sensations you could want. We use quality ingredients and have lots of lovely local suppliers with as much of our food sourced from the South West as possible. This is super important to us to reduce food miles, whilst also supporting the amazing businesses nearby.


Breakfast is not to be missed. Quality Devon bacon and crispy hash browns feature on our breakfast menu. Start your day watching the waves at Croyde with brekkie accompanied by our specialist coffee, courtesy of Clifton Coffee.  

We have occasional live music nights open to everyone. Check out our social media to see when the next night is!

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